Patrik Suzzi


I’m a Java Expert and a Committer for the Eclipse Platform. I got a Master Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Bologna “Alma mater studiorum”, and I have ten years of working experience in Software Engineering in different sectors, such as Credit Information; Banking; Healthcare; Oil & Gas, IT Industry, and Open Source.

My passion for Open Source has roots in 2005 when, following some EclipseCon slides, I developed an interactive, Eclipse-based graphical editor for cryptography, which was used to teach Computer Security to M.Sc Engineering students.

From 2007 to 2012 I worked as Consultant Software Engineer for multiple clients in different sectors such as Banking, Credit Information and Healthcare, advancing my experience in Web Applications, SOAs, and Workflows, and working mainly with Java/JEE and a minor experience in C#/.NET.

From 2012 to 2016, I lived as an expat in The Netherlands, working as R&D Software Engineer to co-design and develop a suite of scientific applications, for a top corporation in the Oil and Gas Industry. Within this period, I lived in a multicultural environment, and I advanced my experience with Java, Eclipse, CBIs and Agile methodologies.

In 2016, I got Committer rights for the Eclipse Platform project. Since then, I work as a self-employed Consultant for companies located in Canada, U.S and Europe, and I continue to write the code of the Eclipse IDE as open source commitment.

On my free time, besides family and friends, I spend some time contributing to other Open Source projects; publishing technical articles and occasionally speaking at Eclipse international conferences.

Please, check my presentations, Eclipse contributions and active bugs