JBoss dev

This page is a placeholder for some exercises i do on extra time, with JBoss development .

note: from Nov 2014 JBoss AS is now known as WildFly.

JBoss Tools

After JBossTools download, learn how to Get involved! Read JBossTools development documents or check out the Public wiki. My most used links are below:

My install:

Short video, install JBossTools 4.3.0 on Eclipse Committers Mars 1:

JBossTools 4.3.0 Improvements

In JBT 4.3.0 there are notable improvements. As example: java 8 is now required, BrowserSim now has the iPhone 6 chassis, CDI (Context Dependency Injection) Auto enablement for JEE > 7.  Tooling for Docker; Hibernate tools version selection; Bower support and editing improvements for Javascript tools. Improved JBoss dev search from Eclipse Help. Improved HTML5 Palette, improved content assist for datalist and angular.js; custom tag validation  for  JST / JSF / HTML Editor, Openshift provisional support, and other various improvements.

The full list is available online: whatsnew/jbosstools/4.3.0.Final


The short video below is my quick reference on how to use JBossTools to create a JavaEE 7 Application on OpenShift. In my case I am using the free version of the membership to the red hat cloud.


Bower, is a front-end package manager to fetch and install the dependencies declared via a simple API. The dependencies, declared in bower.json manifest are easily consumable by evolved build systems.

Prerequisites to use Bower are to install node, npm and git. In my case I installed msysgit (according troubleshooting) .The image below is my command-line check to verify the prerequisites are ok. .