Eclipse dev env

This is how i setup my development environment

IDE and plugins

My tipical installation consists of SDK, PlatformUITools, Mylyn components and Windowbuilder.

SDK and Tools for Platform UI Contribution

Get Eclipse SDK (I-Build or M-Build) from the download page. Download the platformUiTools.p2f  provided by the Eclipse platform team and install the required plug-ins from that file, by using the Import menu: Install > Install Software Items.

Note: It can be useful to install SWT Tools too, although is not included in the platformUiTools.p2f.

Mylyn for Bugzilla and WikiText

Install Mylyn tools from the download site, and use Mylyn to integrate with bugzilla.

Window Builder for Rapid UI development

Install Windowbuilder latest release from update site (link v.4.4)

M2Eclipse to support Maven

Get m2e release updatesite to get first class Apache Maven support into the Eclipse IDE


Source Code Management

Clone eclipse projects from git

To contribute to Eclipse projects you will need to get the project source code, hosted in Git repositories. I use Gerrit URLs for cloning, to ease the contribution process.

As example, below there are the Gerrit URLs of the git repositories needed to contribute to the Eclipse Platform UI project.:




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