Learning Git, by reading Lars’ book on Git ; Sopot’s suggested Git official documentation and Dani’s recommended Git Parable.

Install Git On Windows

The easy way to install Git for Windows is by installing GitHub for Windows (ref). After verifying the connection with my GitHub repository, I can start Eclipse, and connected to the same repo using EGit.

Using EGit

Mos of topics are covered in Eclipse Wiki, under EGit/User Guide. The most important for me are: Rebasing.

I’m following the Lars’ book “Contributing to Eclipse Platform”, and these are some synthetic notes on the content. These notes can be exploded into a real-life tutoria on contribution, by adding images, notes and personal experience.

Plugins and Features

create eclipse plugin, no activator, template hello world command
manifest.mf > launch eclipse application
export plugin > current eclipse installation
create feature, initialize from previous plugin
add category.xml, add category and feature
export deployable feature to local repository, install feature from local repo

Git and Eclipse

Most important thing to learn from me, since I’m an experienced Eclipse developer, but I’m not very “fluent” with Git.