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Patrik Suzzi

I’m a Java and Eclipse Expert, skilled at knowledge sharing, and I love multicultural environments.

I contributed to Eclipse for few years, before being elected as a Committer for the Platform UI project. Now I’m one of the developers who write and fix the code for the Eclipse Platform UI. Besides this, I’m also interested in other projects, such as JSDT, ECP, GEF, and Oomph.


My passion for Open Source has roots in 2005 when I started to develop an Interactive Eclipse-based IDE to support Computer Security teaching, for M.Sc Engineering students (publication).

In 2007, I graduated from the University of Bologna, with a Master in Computer Engineering. Then I worked several years as Software Engineer in different areas such as Banking, Credit Information, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, and Software Consulting.

From 2007 to 2012 I worked as Consultant Software Engineer for multiple clients in Italy, advancing my experience with Web Applications, SOAs and Workflows; working mainly with Java / JEE and a minor Experience in C#/.NET.

From 2012 to 2016 I lived as an expat in The Netherlands, working as R&D Software Engineer to co-design and develop a suite of Scientific Applications, for a Top Corporation in the Oil and Gas Industry. Within this period I lived in a multicultural environment, and I advanced my experience with Java, Eclipse, CBIs and Agile methodologies.

In 2016, I started contracting for the Eclipse Foundation through the FEEP program. That was a great opportunity improve my experience with the Eclipse Platform and increase my visibility in the community by Triaging and Fixing several bugs.

Doing Business

Since 2016 I’m the owner of a Consulting firm specialized in Eclipse plug-ins and Java technologies. My mission is to provide high-quality services to Companies who want to implement, learn and work with Eclipse, Java, and Web technologies.

I’m always looking to new challenges, to learn more and improve my technical and architectural skills, especially in the Eclipse and Open Source area.

You can learn more about my background looking at my LinkedIn profile, examining the list of my contributions to Eclipse, or checking my blogs: asegno.com; ingegno.it, my presentation slides: slideshare.net/psuzzi, and my youtube channel.

Expat life in NL


In 2012 I relocated to The Netherlands to start a new job. There, far away from home and friends, I had a life-changing experience, met great friends and colleagues, and realized how it feels like being a citizen of the world.

Along A12, a roadsign with the 4 major cities in The Netherlands

To relocate, I drove a day to reach NL. Above you can see the first picture I took.

Later on, I moved back to Italy, to start a new period of my life. Although I have no regrets, sometimes I miss Netherlands, its multiculturality, and the good friends I met there. Luckily, after this experience, traveling has become easier for me, and now I have more opportunities to visit friends abroad.


Eclipse is more than an IDE, and more than a Plug-ins based Platform. It is an Open Source ecosystem, where top engineers from different enterprises collaborate to define and improve standards for software development; and to implement tools for building better software.

Eclipse has a vibrant community, where I worked with genial developers. But, behind this, there are sacrifices. Quoting a wise and young friend:

If you want to invest your time in working in an open source project, you’ll have to expect nothing, and you’ll have to like it.

Indeed, working on Eclipse Platform requires me to invest time in advance my abilities, and this is an excellent way to spend time, as I can learn from top professionals, doing specific exercises to improve the quality of the Eclipse IDE, which becomes a good visit card, when I need to show my expertise.

Passion drives everything, and my passion is to constantly improve my skills working on open source software.

Ant there it is. Passion is the reason I’m in The Eclipse Project.

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