Improve Eclipse XML Editor

This post follows up the mailing list discussion on [ide-dev] about Ctr-1driven development in Eclipse.

Default XML Editor

As first thing, I suggest to put the current WTP XML editor as default editor in Eclipse SDK. It might be that someone wants a lighter, streamlined XML editor, but I’m pretty sure the Eclipse community can deal with something like this.

Source View as Default

Secondly, suppose I am using Eclipse Eclipse Jee (or equivalent SDK + JBoss Tools). In these cases, when start editing an xml file, you’ll see the default editor is a strange tabular editor which would be confusing for basic users, and also for “more expert” users, like me.

So, i propose to put the “Source” view as default view.

Minor Editor adjustments

Let’s go to the source perspective and start editing the code. The editor has autocompletion, and it is quite good, in the sense you have auto/closing tags and namespace-sensitive context-help. In this way, this is really a good editor!

I would improve the following:

  • When writing an opening a tag, the IDE could auto-complete “on-the-fly” by adding a closing tag (and removing that if the user put the “/” for a “self-closing-tag”
  • Automatically change the start tag or the end tag when you edit the other one, (see Lars’ description in thread)

Other notes:

The interesting discussion is highlighting other things we can improve, more in general, like Lars pointed to bug 318681 and bug 35000 . These ideas are not covered in this post.


I added the following items:


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